Ownership Stock Repurchase and Succession Plan

Ownership Stock Repurchase and Succession Plan

Author Executive Benefits Team
Date August 2, 2018

Our executive benefits team is committed to serving the interests of accounting, consulting, and service firms. With this in mind, we’ve published numerous case studies and reports, including, “Ownership Stock Repurchase & Succession Plan: a Levelized Sinking Fund Study”.

The Levelized Sinking Fund Case Study looks at a small private company’s options for stock repurchase and succession planning. Specifically covered are issues of emerging stock repurchase liability; stock repurchase analysis based on a five percent growth assumption and 50,000 shares for each of six executives; annual stock repurchase liability by year; taxable sinking fund at six percent gross, thirty percent blended tax and 4.2 percent net rate; and taxed advantaged sinking fund at six percent crediting rate/net funding.

The executive benefits team is available to answer questions or help your company in evaluating its own stock repurchase and succession plan options. Additionally, you should always consult your legal and tax advisors.

photo credit: Maarten van den Heuvel

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